81 CTAs to use in your next marketing campaign

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A call to action (or CTA) is an image or button that directs your audience to take a certain action. You see CTAs all the time—in emails you receive, on website pages you visit, and embedded in the ads that pop up on your phone will using an app. An effective CTA will get the user to take a specific action whether it be subscribing to a newsletter, registering for an event, or purchasing a product.

We've compiled a list of popular CTAs to help you get your prospects and customers to take that next step. While there's a debate among marketers as to whether second person or first person CTAs perform better, we opt to use first person CTAs when both versions work well. Check out our list of 81 popular CTAs below, broken down by categories to make it easier for you to find the right CTA for your next marketing campaign.

General CTAs

General CTAs are vague CTAs that can be used when a more specific CTA doesn't work well. You'll see these oftentimes used as secondary CTAs on websites and emails.

  1. Learn more
  2. Get started
  3. Read more
  4. Tell me more
  5. View more

Free trials and freemium accounts

If your company offers a free trial or a free product tier, check out the CTAs below:

  1. Start my trial
  2. Start my free trial
  3. Start now
  4. Start now for free
  5. Sign up
  6. Try it for free
  7. Get started for free
  8. Create my free account

Limited-time offers and promotions

Using limited time offers can help you get people to take action quickly. CTAs for limited time offers should elicit a sense of urgency from your prospects and customers.

  1. Get this offer
  2. Claim my offer
  3. See my offers
  4. Check out my offers
  5. Shop now and save
  6. Explore offers
  7. Upgrade now and save
  8. Sign up now and save
  9. Claim my discount

Premium content

Premium or gated content refers to content that you offer in exchange for information (e.g. email address, phone number) from your prospects or customers. Typical examples of premium content are analyst reports, white papers, and ebooks. 

  1. Download now
  2. Download the guide
  3. Download the ebook
  4. Read the full report
  5. Get my free copy


Marketers often use CTAs to drive people to register for an upcoming event.

  1. Register now
  2. Reserve my spot
  3. Save my spot
  4. Save my seat
  5. Book now
  6. RSVP
  7. Count me in
  8. Sign me up
  9. I'll be there

Demos, calls, and appointments

Get your prospects to connect with sales with a meeting-specific call to action.

  1. Book my consultation
  2. Schedule a demo
  3. Schedule my 1-on-1 demo
  4. Meet with our team

Surveys and soliciting feedback

Asking for feedback isn't just for support teams. Find where there are issues and discover who your evangelists are with CTAs like the ones below.

  1. Share my experience
  2. Share my feedback
  3. Take the survey
  4. Leave a review
  5. Write a review
  6. Give my feedback
  7. Give us your feedback
  8. Complete the survey
  9. Tell us how we did

Subscriptions, likes, and follows

Expand your reach with your prospects and customers by using CTAs throughout your site and in the footer of your emails that help people subscribe to emails, text, and your social media channels.

  1. Subscribe
  2. Get updates
  3. Follow us
  4. Like our page
  5. Connect with us
  6. Join our community
  7. Manage preferences
  8. Manage notifications
  9. Manage my email preferences
  10. Subscribe me
  11. Add me to the list
  12. Stay in touch
  13. Send me updates
  14. Unsubscribe
  15. Remove me from your list
  16. Opt me out

Logins and admin functions

CTAs are also used to help users reset their passwords and show them where they can log in to your product.

  1. Log in
  2. Log me in
  3. Sign in
  4. Log out
  5. Log me out
  6. Sign out
  7. Access my account
  8. Reset password
  9. Reset my password
  10. Change password
  11. Change my password

Applications and hiring

CTAs can also be used to get people to apply for a position 

  1. Apply now
  2. Submit my application
  3. Join the team
  4. Explore positions
  5. See job openings

What CTAs work well for you?

Have a powerful call to action that converts? We'd love to hear from you. Submit it as a comment below so we can add it to our list.

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