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Getting started with HubSpot's free sales tools

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Mike Dupuy

One of HubSpot’s best kept secrets is its suite of sales tools that are 100% free. From seeing who has opened your emails to giving your customers an easy way to book meetings, using the free edition of HubSpot Sales is a great, cost-effective way to stay productive.

Here are some ways to get your sales team using HubSpot's free sales tools.

Connect your inbox to HubSpot

Follow these steps to automatically track and log emails you send to contacts in HubSpot.

  1. Connect your inbox by going to Settings. Then click on Integrations in the left sidebar menu and choose Email integrations. Then, follow the instructions for G Suite, Office 365, or IMAP.

  2. Save your BCC/forwarding addresses as contacts for emails that you send with other clients (or emails you'd like to log that were sent prior to using HubSpot Sales). You can find them by going to Settings. Then click on Sales in the left sidebar menu and choose Log emails in CRM. You'll also want to update your "Never log" list while you're here. To start, put your own company domain(s) and any personal email addresses you don't want stored in the CRM.

  3. Install the HubSpot Sales Extension for Chrome, Office 365, and Outlook Desktop

Connect your Zoom account

Connect your Zoom account to make it easy for contacts to schedule online meetings with you. If you don’t already have a Zoom account, you can get one for free here.

To connect your Zoom account to HubSpot, click the Settings icon in your HubSpot portal. In the left sidebar menu, click on Integrations and choose Apps. Click on the Zoom app icon and click Connect.

Set up your personal meeting link

To create your personal meeting link, go to Sales > Meetings. Then set up your meeting type, and choose Zoom as the location (make sure your Zoom account is connected from the previous step).

You can also turn on the Send pre-meeting reminder emails setting to notify contacts an hour before your meeting is scheduled to begin.

Not using HubSpot? Let's chat.

If you're not already using HubSpot's powerful growth platform, let's chat. HubSpot has great ways to help you attract and engage your prospects—and many of them are 100% free. 2175 Group is a certified HubSpot Solution Provider and can help you choose and implement the right tools for your company. Get in touch with us here.

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